Busting the myth of mentors

I’m calling out for a mastermind group. If you’re visioning a board meeting of evil geniuses stroking hairless cats, then stop it. What I’m meaning is something more inspiring and productive. I’m talking about creating a group of people brimming with great ideas, passion, creativity and sensibility in equal measure. I want this group to meet on Skype regularly for accountability. Essentially, we’d all have ambition to start individual projects but need that extra push.

It’s always easier with some support.

When you start out in entrepreneurship, or are preparing to freelance, those who have been there, done that and are raking in the millions from their pen-cum-backscratcher venture, will advise you to get a mentor. I’ve got a problem with that. Firstly, where does one find a mentor who is willing to dose out all their well-earned wisdom for free? Secondly, while I don’t expect hot shots to be drooling all over my magazine concept, I’m not sure that I’d be comfortable sharing my vision with someone who has the resources to take it away. And thirdly, when I’m ready to rip up my plans at 3am and give it all in to be nothing but surrounded by cats, is an expert who works 90 hours a week going to pick up the phone and mentor me? My guess is no.

A mentor may have worked well in the days when you couldn’t start networking at the touch of a ‘sign up’ button, but when all the advice and motivation can be infront of you 24/7, the idea of a business-only bestfriend is nearly obsolete. Having said that, human interaction is important from day one of your venture and that’s why I want a mastermind group rather than a mentor.

I aim to start a digital magazine which caters to the young entrepreneurs and freelancers, rather than the people who already have the resources. However, I work during the day so when I get home in the evening with back muscles angry at being hunched over a desk all day and skin tired from being exposed to -20 °C, it’s hard not to just get my pyjamas on and crash on the sofa to watch The Mentalist. So this is where the group comes in:

• We’re a group of four to eight people, with individual purposes so that there is a quality range of advice .

• We meet on Skype regularly (or other video conference platform) at a set day and time.

• We set goals, motivate each other, swap advice and act as accountability partners.

If you’re interested in being a part of this then please email me with details of who you are, what project you’re working on and why you want to be a part of the group: tiffanyrn@hotmail.co.uk

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and am excited to see what comes of this!

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