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For the love of scrapbooking!

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As much as a nuisance it is to my boyfriend, I love junk mail and I think you should too. When our letter box is overflowing with catalogues and take-away menus, I haul those beauties upstairs before he has the chance to chuck them. To me, that pile of papers is a gateway to inspiration and a guide to achieving my goals, both career-wise and on a more personal level.

Here’s why: I scrapbook. When I’m having a mental breakdown because I can’t control what’s going in my life or if I’m having a day when I feel like I can take on anything the world throws at me, I attack my magazines and junk mail with scissors and I stick those shoddily cut out quotes, dresses and holiday destinations in my scrapbook. Once I’m done, I put it away and I make sure to only look at it when I need a reminder of what exactly it is I want to achieve, whether on a day-to-day basis or in the future.

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I’m keeping my chin up!

Hot apple pie proverbs piss me off. Until, that is, they actually carry some relevance to what’s happening in my life. Phrases such as “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” usually make me want to stomp all over that American goody-two-shoes filling which reeks of naivety and shake whoever’s spewing it out for being so distant from reality. But when my life takes an unexpected twist, I betray myself and hang onto these glorious sayings straight out of la-la land, if only for a moment.

I recently had quite a shocking disruption to my life here in Norway, which had finally begun to settle after a roller-coaster year. I spent a day or two shaking my fists angrily at the world and became very acquainted with the heartbeat of hypertension but then I woke up after a good night’s sleep, on a sunny and quiet morning, to peace. Peace with a dash of determination. Yes, I now have bugger-all for security and I’ll likely be living off beans and bread for a while but for the first time in months, I have an opportunity just for myself.

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