I’m keeping my chin up!

Hot apple pie proverbs piss me off. Until, that is, they actually carry some relevance to what’s happening in my life. Phrases such as “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” usually make me want to stomp all over that American goody-two-shoes filling which reeks of naivety and shake whoever’s spewing it out for being so distant from reality. But when my life takes an unexpected twist, I betray myself and hang onto these glorious sayings straight out of la-la land, if only for a moment.

I recently had quite a shocking disruption to my life here in Norway, which had finally begun to settle after a roller-coaster year. I spent a day or two shaking my fists angrily at the world and became very acquainted with the heartbeat of hypertension but then I woke up after a good night’s sleep, on a sunny and quiet morning, to peace. Peace with a dash of determination. Yes, I now have bugger-all for security and I’ll likely be living off beans and bread for a while but for the first time in months, I have an opportunity just for myself.

One thing that is guaranteed to put me in a good mood is to have a slow coffee at my desk in the morning, with an article to write. It makes me feel, well…me. It’s something I haven’t been able to do in a long time and I now have the opportunity to utilise both time and being a native English writer in Norway. The chance has arrived to see if this whole freelance shebang works and do it with my hair unbrushed, in my pjs, with a massive bag of crisps all to myself and no-one to judge me except my conscience later. I can even finally chase up my dream of creating a digital magazine which I really must get started on!

I’m not saying I’m going to treat “Every cloud has a silver lining” like my mantra and please tell me off if I do. After all, I’m in a bit of a shitty situation: I have a flat to pay for, a competitive job market to dive into and an awful coffee habit to cater to. This ain’t gonna be easy. But what I do have now is time, choice and motivation. I’ve met some really inspiring and creative people since living in Norway who I can’t wait to work with and my determination has only grown stronger. The one phrase that I’m not ashamed to say to myself every morning is “I will make this work”. And I will. Just watch me.

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