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Tiffany is a freelance writer and social media manager, who gets particularly enthusiastic about entrepreneurs and growing SMEs.

Having completed her Journalism degree, she swapped the quaint sea-side villages of South West England for the high peaks and abundant nature of Norway. With the belief that clear communication is the key to success, she has since been developing brand images and improving client relationships for Norwegian businesses, one word at a time.

Here you’ll find her updated Portfolio and you can read her posts about Norway and her magazine concept at her blog. Always excited for freelance work, she can be contacted via the contact page or  tiffanyrn@tiffanynaylor.com

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Aside from freelancing…

Red Thread Games
As a Social Media Manager for this increasingly talked about game production studio, from the creators of The Secret World and Dreamfall saga, I strengthened the studio’s brand through content across Kickstarter updates, Facebook, Twitter and their forums as well as engaging with fans and press on a daily basis.

Esacon AS
Starting off as a researcher at Esacon AS, I was quickly promoted to the position of  its UK Branch & Marketing Manager. Involved a lot of networking, analysing data and trend prediction.

I launched a section on the award-winning website. I worked as Editor for the section until I left England and then worked as a social media editor and as an assistant to the section Editor.

BBC Sky at Night Magazine
I was commissioned to research and write an article for the national magazine. It was published in February 2013 and could be found in several countries, including Norway.

BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine
I took on a three week work placement at the magazine as a media assistant, which involved a variety of duties from interviewing to writing content for the website to general administrative tasks.

Flex Newspaper
I held the position of Editor of Reviews. I recruited and assigned work to journalists, communicated with PR companies, edited copy and designed the section layout using InDesign.

Greenbelt Festival
As a press team member I assisted press conferences, interviewed performance artists and created online content.

BBC Television Studios
On a two week placement I worked as a customer runner.