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Dreamfall: TLJ. I’m a rubbish at it and that’s fine.


My tab key is on fire today, while I’m playing Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. In between bouts of ominous creaking metal and blood trails, I’m soaking in the soul-searching eyes of pug dogs, my medication usually reserved for when I’ve stumbled into the darker depths of the internet, in the hope that the hairs on my neck will stop bristling. When I began the second instalment to the Dreamfall saga, by Oslo-based studio, Red Thread Games, I settled myself down for a casual frolicking through the flowers, open-world style. How presumptuous of me. TLJ has funny elements, naughty suggestions and an incredibly vivid environment to explore, yet it also has intelligent themes, the ability to evoke deep emotions and, occasionally, a hint of something more sinister. Such as the Victory Hotel scene, which I imagine is taking me twice as long as the average player because I keep having to check those footsteps were in the game and not my living room.

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